iWatch Check Blood Pressure

Apple Watch and Blood Pressure Monitoring: What is known so far.

The Apple Watch, in its current versions (1/2/3/4), is not able to accurately measure and monitor one’s blood pressure (BP) on its own. It is in fact impossible due to the...
Apple Watch as Glucose Monitor

Glucose Monitoring in Apple Watch: All known information

With the release of Apple Watch, Apple has become more interested in health issues and has begun to invest significant resources in researching various functionalities that they could implement in their...
Samsung Galaxy S10 and iWatch

Can Apple Watch work with Android?

Officially - No. Apple did not provide any other options for working with their watches except with an iPhone. For initial setup, you will need an iOS device nearby, after pairing...
Apple Watch without Phone

Can Apple Watch work without Phone?

Yes, they can. But their functionality without a phone is reduced. Depending on the model (with or without e-SIM card), the capabilities of the watch will vary. For example, you can...