Thanks to its technical features, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, and altimeter, the watch from Apple can measure many of our everyday activities. The functionality has not escaped those people who love water and everything related to it. Below we will look at the main points that relate to the swimming mode in Apple Watch, as well as find out how good they are for it.

Can you wear Apple Watch while swimming

Yes, you can use iWatch while swimming.

In the latest versions of watchOS, the gadget is able to detect both activity in a swimming pool and in an open water body (like sea, lake, etc.). There are certain differences for them:

Swimming in the pool: Before you start, you need to know the length of the pool to be more accurate. Typically, the size of a standard pool is about 25 yards (about 23 meters or 75 feet). Once it is entered, the number of laps, the total distance and the number of calories burned will be available. The heart rate measurement may not be accurate as the presence of water prevents the sensor from working correctly.

Apple Watch Pool Swimming Statistics
Summary of pool swimming in workout app

For all iPhones with the LIDAR module installed (PRO and PRO Max models), there is the Measure app, which is capable of measuring the distance between points. This way you can quickly find out the length of your pool.

Swimming in open water: The built-in GPS module will measure the total distance and the Apple Watch will calculate the number of calories burned based on that distance. The number of heart rate may also have a margin of error. Please note that if you need to take a shower after swimming in the sea – soaps, lotions and sunscreen should not be applied to your watch.

Which Apple Series is Swim Proof?

All Apple Watches from Series 2 and up, including SE, Nike and other swim proof. You can swim with them, but dive, according to the manufacturer, can only be to a depth of 50 meters. For more information with a comparison of iWatch series and their sensitivity to water, see our article.

How to use Apple Watch to track swimming? (laps, activity, how to use, which is swim proof, u wear)

Pause and resume swimming progress by clicking at Digital Crown and side button
  1. Go to the Workout application.
  2. Select the desired type of swimming depending on your location: Pool or Open Water (ocean, lake, river etc.).
    • If you are swimming in a pool and you want to measure the distance and laps accurately, set the length by scrolling the Digital Crown.
  3. You can set the desired goal for your workout or swim. To do this, press the three-dots “…” button. The target can be expressed in calories, distance or time.
  4. Press the start button to start the three-second countdown. You can skip it by simply tapping on the clock screen.
  5. The watch screen will automatically lock as water droplets can interact with it and cause false presses.
    • To pause your progress, press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time.
    • To resume, repeat the same sequence.
  6. After you finish training or a swim, turn the Digital Crown. Preferably wipe the watch with a dry cloth or tissue before doing so. Next, Apple Watch will automatically begin the process of extracting water from the speaker – it may vibrate and make a sound.
  7. Swipe to the right and press the end workout button “X.” You will see a summary of your swim completed including:
    • The type of swim with the goals and their achievement.
    • Distance, which can take into account different swimming styles.
    • The hours in which you swam
    • Total time spent
    • Total distance
    • Active calories
    • Total calories
    • Average heart rate
    • Number of laps
    • Pool length
    • Average pace required to complete a lap.

Apple Watch Swimming Bands

In addition to being able to submerge your watch in water, you should also keep in mind the suitability of the strap for this purpose. Many models of metal bands are prone to rapid corrosion and deterioration, especially in salt-laden seawater. You should not dive with leather straps as well. Buckles, Link Bracelets, Milanese and Leather Loops – these models are not suitable for water.

Nylon versions are great for swimming. Let’s take the following models for example:


Video Review of Mode


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