When you buy an Apple Watch, you can use it all day long for all of your activities. In the new series, they not only monitor basic parameters for all modern watches like heart rate, number of steps or calories burned, but also track specific activities like swimming or running. But is the iWatch afraid of water? Let’s find out.

Can an Apple Watch get wet?

Apple itself claims that their watch is protected against minor effects of water (except for the Series 1, where protection is only for splashing and minor liquid ingress). All watches above the second series are capable of withstanding immersion in water (there are nuances for the series 2, more about that later).

Apple Watch Sealings
Many elements of the Apple Watch are coated with special sealants, which provides protection against water

To ensure this, the watch uses separate gaskets to seal the case and a special Water Lock mode. You can wear Iwatch in the rain, wash your hands (taking care not to apply soap to the watch itself), take a shower, and not worry about getting sweat on it during sporting activities. As for swimming and water sports, here is the table below for your understanding:

NameWater resistanceClass of protection
Series oneSplashing, diving under water is not recommendedIPX7, possible (but not recommended) immersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
Series twoCan dive underwater, not suitable for activities with high water speed or deep diving (Scooba diving, water skiing)ISO 22810:2010, regulated submergence up to 50 meters
Series three and laterSuitable for most water activities (manufacturer does not recommend deep diving)IP6X, regulated submergence up to 50 meters
Table of series with the determination of sensitivity to water

50 meters = 164 feet = 54 yards

How to know if your Apple Watch is waterproof?

We have prepared for you a table with a list of all watch series and their water resistance

NameWater ResistantPeculiarities
Series 1+Splash protection, short-term immersion up to 1 meter
Series 2+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
Series 3+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
Series 4+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
Series 5+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
Series 6+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
Series 7+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
SE / Nike+Diving up to 50 meters is possible
Table with a breakdown by series

Keep in mind that with time and gradual wear and tear, water protection may decrease. It is particularly affected by the following factors:

  • Any damage caused like bumps, falls.
  • The effects of harsh environments like acids, perfumes, soaps, sunscreens, oils, solvents, etc.
  • Prolonged exposure to pressurized water (while water skiing)
  • Exposure to heat, moisture and steam (baths and saunas)

If you are unable to avoid exposure to a potentially damaging factor, rinse your watch with plain, warm water and dry it with a towel. This will neutralize the corrosive environment, but may not remove the effects on the speaker diaphragm.

Water Lock mode and Apple Watch

After detecting the presence of water or beginning to swim, the iWatch automatically enters Water Lock mode, which helps to further protect the device from damage.

When the mode is activated, the corresponding icon will appear on your watch and the screen will be locked to prevent any accidental tapping or swiping.

Apple Watch water detected (Swim mode)
Swim mode ON

After you have stopped swimming, rotate the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and automatically clear any residual water. The watch will start to vibrate and make a sound that extracts drops from the speaker.

Water Ejection In Apple Watch
Water cleaning process in Apple Watch

Which straps are suitable for swimming?

It is also worth taking into account what kind of band you plan to use for diving or swimming. Metal models, depending on the material of manufacture, can corrode and lose their technical and external properties. This list of loops not recommended for contact with water:

  • Milanese loop
  • Leather Loop
  • Classic Buckle
  • Modern Buckle
  • Link Bracelet
Apple Watch Bands not for water
Don`t use this straps in the water

It is advisable to use nylon straps for all water activities. Let’s take the following models as an example:


What should you do after an iWatch gets wet?

Water remove (rain drop) icon
  • Wipe them with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Do not use a hair dryer, heat or compressed air.
  • Dry the strap separately.
  • If the watch does not automatically start the water extraction process – go to settings and click on the drop icon. This will start the water removal process.
  • If the sound of the speaker changes after immersion – do not put anything in it and do not shake the watch, the water will evaporate in time and the sound will return to normal.
  • Water in the watch may also affect the accuracy of the altimeter – once the water is gone, the readings should improve.

Apple Care for water damage

Water damage is not covered under Apple’s warranty terms and is only covered by a chargeable repair or full replacement.


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