Nowadays, many people want to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this they are helped by the plentiful availability of gadgets – fitness trackers and smart watches, which should be able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. In this article we will talk about the water protection of Fitbit products, and the answer to the question can my Fitbit get wet?

Fitbit Watch Waterproof

According to the company’s official support, all versions of their watches are water-resistant. This means that the manufacturer, when designing the product, put enough seals in it to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Definitely, the watch or tracker will withstand rain, water droplets, hand washing, and even being in the shower (more on that later). They will also work well in the gym, when they can get sweat on them from a heavy set or running on a treadmill. But what about longer term moisture and liquid exposure – like swimming or diving?

Fitbit you can swim with

You can swim with all but the first revision of the Ace series. It is only protected against splashes, sweat or drops. The other models have a claimed protection of up to 50 meters. So for pool or open water they are fine, but not for deep sea diving.

Below is a clear table of Fitbit gadget variants that are waterproof:

NameWater ResistantPeculiarities
Ace+Splash and drop protection only
Ace 2 and later+Diving up to 50 meters
Alta+Diving up to 50 meters
Inspire+Diving up to 50 meters
Charge+Diving up to 50 meters
Luxe+Diving up to 50 meters
Versa+Diving up to 50 meters

50 meters = 164 feet = 54 yards

Fitbit swimming bands

It is not unimportant what kind of band you decide to take a dip in the water with. No-no options would be any metal or leather versions of the straps or loops, as they are easily deformed and corroded after exposure to a wet environment.

A great solution would be to opt for nylon straps. This material is not afraid of any influence of water, moisture or salts contained in sweat or sea water.

We recommend that you consider the following options for those who like to swim:


What can affect the quality of water protection?

Any product can lose its properties over time. The same applies to fitness trackers. Sloppy or excessive use can affect water protection. Some of the factors that can reduce the resistance of smartwatch insulating pads include:

  • Prolonged exposure to various aggressive substances – soaps, shower gel, lotions, conditioners. If you like to shower with your gadget, try not to soap it.
  • Various drops and impacts. Since the contour and the various contacting parts are sealed, the impact may cause the formation of gaps where water can enter and damage the electronic component of the tracker.
  • Exposure to heat and steam. It is not recommended to wear the watch in a sauna, high humidity in the steam and temperature also increase the risk of damaging the sealing layer, which will lead to loss of water resistance.
  • Wear and tear over time. Even the highest quality materials lose their quality after a few years of use. If your Fitbit is more than three years old, avoid dipping it in water unnecessarily.

Water protection mode (Waterlock)

Water lock Fitbit
Fitbit in WaterLock Mode

Since water conducts electricity, false screen taps are possible while swimming. To avoid this, your gadget’s software has a special mode called Water-lock. It completely disables the monitor’s touch screen to prevent accidental tapping.

To activate it, depending on the model, you need to either press the buttons or swipe down from the lock screen – then click on the Water Lock icon and tap the screen twice.

To deactivate the mode, double tap in the center of the screen until “Unlocked” appears. Keep in mind that the built-in accelerometer is used for unlocking, so you may not be able to turn it off from the first time.

This mode is activated automatically when you work with the Exercise application.

Taking care of Fitbit after getting into water

After performing all activities, simply wipe your watch or fitness tracker with a dry, non-abrasive cloth. According to the manufacturer’s assurance, these actions will be sufficient since many models do not have a speaker or any other designed openings where water could cause damage. If soap has been spilled on the device, rinse it under warm water and dry it with a towel.


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